construction and gatehouse security

We know the value and importance of having well presented, articulate and highly trained security staff operating in a Reception or Gatehouse position.

Our Effective Security Managers possess strong organisational, analytical and problem-solving skills. They are strong leaders and team players who can also work independently as needed. Highly developed written and verbal communication skills are essential, as our Security Managers must convey policies and plans to staff and employees. In addition to these general skills, our Management Team are Highly Trained and Prepared to possess the following skills:

Gatehouses and Receptions, are the first port of call for entry into many public areas, industrial areas, residential areas and business parks. Our reception and gatehouse security limit access to your premises, permitting employees and designated visitors only.

All of our reception and gatehouse security guards operate within our client’s code of practice when operating the reception or gatehouse, and we will tailor our service offering to suit your requirements. Our security officers will carry out a variety of duties including identification and vehicle checks, as well as keeping access and egress records and provide the appropriate greeting to your visitors. If you feel it necessary, our reception and gatehouse security staff can also perform extra checks, such as spot checks, vehicle / handbag searches and the issuing of visitor passes.

Job Duties Can Include:

  • 1 Security patrols of designated areas on foot or in vehicle.
  • 2 Understand and fulfil obligations and responsibilities of all posts, if assigned.
  • 3 Investigate and prepare reports on accidents, incidents, and suspicious activities.
  • 4 Complete applicable Safety & Environmental Rules training.
  • 5 Maintain daily activity reports on paper, computer, smart phone or tablet.
  • 6 Watch for irregular or unusual conditions that may create security concerns or safety hazards.
  • 7 Sound alarms or call police or fire department in case of fire or presence of unauthorised persons.
  • 8 Permit authorised persons to enter property and monitors entrances and exits assist customers, employees and visitors in a courteous and professional manner.
  • 9 Ensure all construction materials and equipment remain at the property and are not handled by non-authorised personnel.
  • 10 Control all vehicles and visitors to the job site.
  • 11 Maintain a listing of all vehicles, deliveries and visitors on the job site.
  • 12 Escorting visitors to the construction office.
  • 13 Securing entrance area during non operating hours.
  • 14 Foot patrol of job site.
  • 15 Inspection of exterior fencing checking for security breaches.
  • 16 Maintain watch over equipment.
  • 17 Maintain watch over office trailers.
  • 18 Emergency Security Officer coverage.
  • 19 Fire Watch and safety activity.
  • 20 Vehicle patrol round the clock.
  • 21 Car Patrol the contraction site.
  • 22 Traffic And Control
  • 23 Report hazards to construction supervisor.


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