Mobile Patrol Security is very cost efficient and on the other hand effective security service you could hire to protect your property against criminal activities. Mobile Patrol is used at properties where a full time security guard could not be stationed due to cost associated with the stationary guard service.

One of the best features of our mobile patrol security is that it can be custom tailored according to the requirements. SSS, our mobile patrols are verified. We provide access to our clients to our online guard verification system where they can review our patrol reports and the exact time spent on their property.

Our mobile patrol cars are highly visible and equipped with the latest technology equipment’s. We provide electronic incident reports to our clients in real time.

Services Mobile Patrol can offer

  • Foot Inspection
  • Drive By Patrol
  • Time restricted lock up & unlocks
  • Alarm Response
  • Safety Escorts
  • Mechanical Rooms Inspections
  • Sprinkler Room Inspections
  • Fire Watch Patrols

Who can use Mobile Security

  • Commercial Buildings
  • Residential Buildings
  • Industrial Buildings
  • Construction Sites
  • Parking Lots
  • Hotels
  • Self Storage Facilities
  • Strip Malls
  • Truck Yards
  • Car Dealerships

All our security officers are trained to meet any and all types of challenging situations while on patrol. Regardless of the type of security requirement, SSS has the right type of solution to ensure your safety and security.

Hold Keys and Alarm Response

Mobile security guards are trained to protect businesses from unnecessary risk, costs, and inconvenience. Key-holders can be called to open and close the premises. Additionally, mobile security patrol guards will respond rapidly to the alarms. After ascertaining the cause of the alarm sound, mobile patrol officers will take the necessary course of action. The action taken can include resetting the alarm or locating or detaining the culprit and liaising the emergency services.

Trained in Health and Safety Protocols

Since security guard companies train mobile security guards, they provide guidance and advice when it comes to health and security protocols. It can include fire safety, emergency evacuation planning, and first aid safety plans.

Monitor with Mobile CCTV

Some security patrol officers have access to mobile CCTV units. These CCTV units are a great way to ensure security during the period when you are away from your business location. It helps the security guards to monitor busy and dangerous areas in real time.

Job Duties Can Include:

  • 1 Written program orders and procedures that are customised to each residence or workplace's unique needs to ensure a safe and structured security program.
  • 2 Coordinated and pre-planned “check-ins” from our uniformed security specialists to our central command headquarters.
  • 3 Random patrols are designed to deter crime. Through this service, we will randomly patrol your residence or workplace with a Security Guard in a Marked Security Vehicle day and/or night. Our visible presence on your property will send potential criminals a message that your property is protected. This greatly reduces the chances of your residence/workplace being targeted by criminals.
  • 4 Responding to requests of assistance from staff members.
  • 5 Keeping an eye out for irregular activity and security breaches.
  • 6 Operating and monitoring security equipment like CCTV cameras.
  • 7 Responding to alarm signals.
  • 8 Conducting investigations of security incidents.
  • 9 Notifying staff and managers of the presence of persons with questionable reputations.
  • 10 Asking questions to determine, verify and solve problems.
  • 11 Reporting any fire and safety hazards.
  • 12 Write up witness statements and reports of incidents or complaints.
  • 13 Checking vehicle parking permits.
  • 14 Maintaining staff order during emergency situations.
  • 15 Safeguarding staff and visitors.
  • 16 Checking the identification of individuals to confirm they are who they say they are.
  • 17 Notifying the security control centre by radio of any immediate hazards or emergencies.
  • 18 Maintaining accurate records and reports.
  • 19 Informing violators of policy and procedures.
  • 20 Investigating suspicious packages.
  • 21 Addressing minor maintenance issues.


Contact SSS today if you need event security for any kind of event. Our expert security professionals will create a custom security solution for your event. We manage and implement everything so that you don’t have to do a thing. Get in touch to start discussing how we can meet your security needs for your next event and perhaps for many events in the future too.

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