Our HD CCTV system can be used to monitor your project via live video feed, create time lapse video of the project’s progression to completion and secure the area through constant monitoring of what is going on and who comes and goes into the site.

CCTV monitoring is essential in ensuring the security of a property. Having CCTV cameras or even signs that warn about CCTV monitoring in visible places prevents vandalism and burglary. CCTV monitoring can also improve the safety of the people working in the premises. Typical CCTV-monitored premises include lobbies, entrances, IT rooms, loading bays and parking lots.

Valued tools, heavy machines, materials for construction and other related equipment are very prone to thieves or vandalism and you need professional security services in place that you can trust and to be reliable enough at all times to protect and secure your premises 24/7.

When making plans for a CCTV monitoring system, one has to take into account the technical requirements in terms of lighting and other conditions as well as the relevant regulation. For that reason one should always leave the planning and implementation to a professional.

We are a vendor-independent system supplier and, we have a product portfolio that covers the needs of our clients today and also is future-proof and cost-effective over time.


  • 1 The site system records constantly 24/7.
  • 2 You can view your cameras live on site or remotely at any time of the day.
  • 3 Your site team arm the detectors when leaving the site.
  • 4 Our site CCTV control room take over monitoring of the site.
  • 5 An intruder will trigger a motion or sound detector.
  • 6 The site controller issues a live audio warning to the site when an intruder is spotted.
  • 7 The site controller calls and requests a police response.
  • 8 The site CCTV footage can be used to secure a conviction.

CCTV Services For Other Business Sectors Including:

  • 1 Temporary Building Site.
  • 2 Void Properties.
  • 3 Factories
  • 4 Wind Farms.
  • 5 Shops.
  • 6 Off licenses.
  • 7 Garages.
  • 8 Bars.
  • 9 Restaurants.
  • 10 Nursing Homes.
  • 11 Warehouses.
  • 12 Transport Facilities.
  • 13 Yards.
  • 14 Educational Institutes.
  • 15 Arcades.


No electricity, no signal, no worries!

We also understand that on some remote job sites, power lines sometimes haven’t been setup yet. We offer battery-powered wireless CCTV confirmed alarm security units that eliminate the need for a hardwired power source and therefore will still keep your site secure. Our customised security solution is designed to monitor your construction site from beginning to end.


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