Major Events Security


Security during an event is a crucial part of ensuring it all runs smoothly. If you’re planning a one-off event or you regularly arrange events of any kind, having the right security in place can make a huge difference. we handle jobs such as entry control, crowd management, security searches, theft prevention ushering and more. Our primary concern is making sure your affair is safe, orderly and crime-free. Our security officers are highly trained and experienced, with professional demeanour and motivated work ethic. If you’re looking for security for any event, we can deliver the solution that you need.

Before your event rolls around, we will work with you to carefully analyse the needs of your occasion and offer specialised services. These services are based on the program of your event, its location and more. We want to ensure that your security and budgetary needs are met.

As we work with you, we’ll carefully review your security needs at each stage of the evening from setup and peak attendance to breakdown. This information will help us determine your requirements from beginning to end and come up with a thorough security plan. You can expect the best security team for the job with the right experience and training for each position and task.

Event Security Guard Duties and Responsibilities

Monitor the Event

For the majority of the event schedule, our guards are trained to monitor the people at the event to ensure rules are followed and everyone is acting safely. They provide a sense of protection to attendees and staff. They may even escort VIPs to and from the venue. Depending on the event location, some security guards may monitor the venue from a secure room using surveillance cameras.

Maintain Order

Events can get crowded, and our event security guards are expected to maintain order throughout the entirety of the event. This often includes directing foot traffic and helping lost people find their friends or loved ones. In the event of a disturbance that requires evacuation, our event guards are trained to maintain order to help attendees evacuate quickly and safely.

Escort Attendees Out of Events

Events where alcohol is served can often get rowdy, our event security guards escort attendees out of the venue as needed and prevent them from reentering. They may also need to escort attendees who are experiencing health problems into a clear and safe area.

Make Regular Reports

SSS Event security guards are responsible for reporting all suspicious activity to their direct supervisors and fellow guards. They do this through two-way radios and direct verbal communication.

Suppress Disturbances

If fights break out during the event or an attendee tries to reach a VIP, SSS event security guards are responsible for suppressing the disturbance. This includes holding the suspect until police arrive and take the appropriate action.

Job Duties Can Include:

  • 1 Ambassador for indoor and outdoor concerts, festivals, sporting games, automotive auctions, corporate parties.
  • 2 Screen patrons during ingress via bag searching technique, hand wander metal detector, ID verification scanner.
  • 3 Protect players, staff and venue ownership group assets by watching for security breaches at vital checkpoints.
  • 4 Regulate and monitor credentials of everyone for specific access to sensitive location areas throughout venues.
  • 5 Respond quickly to potential crowd control issues, provide escorts for unruly fans when ejections are warranted.
  • 6 Check for items that shouldn't be carried into the arena.
  • 7 Make sure no food or alcohol enter in or leave out the building.
  • 8 Monitor entry and exit points to specific areas of the centre or stadium.
  • 9 Provide Security escorts per event requirement.
  • 10 Perform routine procedures utilising bag search prior to guest entering vicinity.
  • 11 Greet and direct guest to seating and services.
  • 12 Maintain open and smooth access routes throughout seating and concourse area.
  • 13 Receive and act on complaints from patrons according to established policies and procedures.


Contact SSS today if you need event security for any kind of event. Our expert security professionals will create a custom security solution for your event. We manage and implement everything so that you don’t have to do a thing. Get in touch to start discussing how we can meet your security needs for your next event and perhaps for many events in the future too.

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