Our CORPORATE SECURITY staff is highly trained, experienced, professional, reliable, dependable, committed & customer service oriented.

“As a corporate security officer, it’s our responsibility to oversee the protection of the physical and intellectual assets of a business or company. we ensure proper security and safety measures are in place. our guards are trained to control access and distribution of sensitive company information such as trade secrets, recipes, blueprints, prototypes, and other physical or intellectual property.”

We ensure the physical safety of all visitors, employees, or customers to the organisation’s facilities and the security of property and assets owned by the organisation. our security staff are properly trained and equipped to manage potential issues or breaches. Leads and directs major investigations and response to critical events that impact the organisation. Coordinates with law enforcement and other officials or agencies.

Job Duties Can Include:

  • 1 Solid knowledsecurity aspects in a corporate settingge of.
  • 2 Proficient with computers.
  • 3 Excellent communication and telephone conversation skills.
  • 4 Ability to work independently to provide excellent customer service.
  • 5 Ability to showcase company image through personal attitude.
  • 6 Ensure entry only for authorised vendors, contractors & visitors through proper security checks.
  • 7 Monitor CCTV Cameras & access systems.
  • 8 Ensure employees & visitors carry proper identity or visitor cards.
  • 9 Regulate vehicle & pedestrian traffic at access points.
  • 10 Monitor & patrol designated areas.
  • 11 Report irregularities such as fire hazards, leaking water pipes, and security doors left unlocked.


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